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house on the outskirts of the city and asked for a snack. The gentleman cordially invited me in, despite the late hour and the untoward circumstances of the case and although he said he had very little to offer me, I dined to satiety. The lady of the house was very much like Mrs. King, of Haberfield, and was as kind & homely as could be. She boiled me two eggs & got me some nice warm tea & set a whole loaf of good bread, & a large almond cake & plenty of real, fair dinkum butter before me. By the way, butter is quite an unknown quantity in and around Camps. Margarine takes its place & even that ran short one day & white dripping was given us in its place. However these things are not at all bad, & it is wonderful how quickly one becomes used to them. To return to the point, I made a fine meal and then had a good chat with my host & hostess and at 12 midnight set out on my three hours walk, after an orange &

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