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by the Major & then by the Colonel to-day and were then issued with 24 hours dry rations. These consisted of ½ loaf of bread, lump of cheese, parcel of butter, 5 biscuits, 1 tin of corned-beef each. These go in our havasack.

At 7 in the evening the "Draught" fell in for roll-call & left soon after in full marching order for Amesbury Station. For the first time we were 'on route' in proper style and so it would be interesting to note what the words 'equipment & pack' connote. The 'equipment' is very similar to that used in the Militia in Australia, & in the pack on the back we put all our necessities; these include, 1 service blanket, 1 waterproof sheet, 1 towel, 1 shirt, 1 singlet, 1 pr underpants, socks (4 prs I took), shaving gear, etc, soap, wash-rag, 'kerchiefs,& cap-comforter. On top of these & partly showing outside we place our waterproof cape; underneath the supporting straps we roll our leather-vest, while on top of the pack, & outside, is fastered our mess-tin.

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