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rather interesting, especially in view of the fact that no one knew where our shots went. I had a few "pots" at objects other than the targets but could not see the effect of my fire.

Apl 6

"Good Friday". Still "isolated". We marched to Shrewton for exercise. After tea the boys got the guard to act as messengers to the canteen & between themselves they got fairly well "boozed" & by bed-time the hut was rather rowdy, but most of the boys only get merry & joyful when drunk & there is really nothing disagreeable about such festivities. It is just as well that such is the case for we have a couple or more such jollities every week.

April 7

Alan & I "scaled" out this afternoon to the town of Devizes which is about 13 miles from Camp. We walked both ways and took thepassed over part of the most desolate of the all times notorious Salisbury Plains.

We had a most enjoyable walk there, seeing much of the country, & were particularly struck by

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