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The musketry course covers two weeks, the first week being taken up with elementary work & miniature-range firing, the second week being spent on the range.

Mch 29

Elementary Musketry & minature-range firing. We also went back after tea for a little extra practice & fired ten rounds each.

Mch 30

This morning we were marched to "Durrington", 3 miles away, and there went through what is known as the "gas-chamber". This is a room in which a strong poisonous gas is liberated and we have to stay in it for a few minutes with our P.H. helmets on. I think that this parade is calculated to give one confidence in the helmets, ourselves, and thus to minimise fright under active service conditions. It also teats one physically, it being useless to send a man to France who can't stand "gas".

After dinner the boys of our hut were

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