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infinity of such deficiencies.

May 2

"Bull-Ring" again. The whole day was spent in the "gas" school. Lectures on "gas" and on anti-gas precautions were given and we all went through a chamber filled with one of the deadly gases similar to that used by Fritz: We also went through a trench filled with "tear-gas". A little enlightenment concerning "liquid-fire" was also imparted to us.

We mixed up a good deal with the Scots ("Jocks" we call them) & Tommies and chatted with them and quite enjoyed such a novelty. Needless to say we were, & are on fairly good terms with them all.

May 3

"Bull-Ring" again. We went through the 'Final Assault' test and the 'Wood attack' with bayonets this morning. These include almost everything in the way of bayoneting likely to be met in the line. Attacking trenches in a 'charge', jumping-off from our own trenches, getting over barbed-wire

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