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& girls too, know the Australian swearing as well as we do.

We returned to Camp at 9.30 & slept very soundly although we only had a blanket apiece.

April 26

After an impromptu breakfast we paraded at 10 o'clock and set out for Etaples by road. The march is between 18 & 20 miles. We passed through several villages some fairly large, and saw French people in all of them. These waved to us our of windows etc & tried to communicate their good wishes to us as best they could in their pigeon-English. We stayed at a Rest Camp on the way & there had our lunch of Bully Beef & Bread and after that continued on our way arriving at Etaples Camp at 6.30. Until last week the new troops were taken by train from Boulogne to here, but all the train-service is now being used by the red-cross staff and so the new troops have to use the road.

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