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a fine valley which we crossed just before entering the town itself. It is about 1 ½ miles broad & is well cultivated & makes a fine picture. We had a good tea at 6.15, visited the post-card shop & then went for a walk along the canal bank for a mile or so with two lassies who volunteered to show us round the town. The canal is used for barge transport & was chiefly interesting to Alan & myself on account of the large number of locks which it has. The canal rises up a fairly steep hill by means of these & there must be over twenty of them within a mile or so.

We had a drink of coffee at 9.15 & after purchasing a loaf of fresh bread for the "pantry" set out for Camp & arrived there at about 3 o'clock next morning. We lost an hour on our homeward trip because "Summer" commenced at 2 o'clock & in accordance with the "Daylight Saving Act" our

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