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sacrificed their all, had shed their blood & had suffered & had lain down their lives in that same interest. But the divine Child shook His head, and meekly replied that He could not bless him since He had no hands wherewith to confirm the blessing. For, two years ago, He said that He had been ill-clad & hungry & defenceless on one of the roads of Belgium, and Wilhelm's soldiers came along. In terror He fled & hid behind the hedges but the soldiers followed and ruthlessly cut off both His hands. Thus did He have no hands with which to bless Germany's cause.

The story illustrates the fact that a prayer cannot be answered by God Himself if the actions of his life & the attitude of his mind are inhumane and contrary the Christ's teaching.

April 30

Bull-Ring again early this morning. The day opened with a lecture on trench duties and spent the rest of the day in the trenches which have been constructed

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