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here for the purpose. We acted just as on active service in the front line; but of course there were no "Fritzes" in the trench in front of us.

I spent the evening in the S.C.A. Hut. In the short meeting which was held there I was particularly struck by the few words which one of the Australians had to say. The lad was very nervous, and awkward & found difficulty in expressing himself, but he told us simply and plainly that a message, a secret, had been entrusted to him to give to all his brothers in the great campaign. Just before he left Australia a sweet wee girlie had come to him & told him that she was going to continually pray for him, and she told him to tell all the boys that she was praying for them too. And he told us. Since then I have often seen, in imagination, a tender form kneeling beside her bed, remembering us before Our heavenly father's throne.

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