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a new style of paybook in which both our debit & credit accounts are shown to date. Y.M.C.A. hut in evening.

Feb 27 – Mch 1

Usual drill. We were also issued with razor, Jack-knife & lanyard, flannel belts etc. which now makes our equipment complete.

Mch 2

I was detailed to-day with a party to do a few hours pick & shovel work & at this strenuous occupation filled in most of the day.

Mch 3

Usual Saturday's route march after which we underwent a feet inspection by our officers.

Mch 4

I was detailed as a member of a fatigue party this morning & instead of attending Church Parade we were marched to head quarters to receive instructions & to our gratification found that there was nothing to do. Alan & I then went for a walk to the A.I.F.

Current Status: