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Mch 5

Having completed the more elementary part of our training, we entered the "Bull Ring" today. In this we are trained in the various drills which are of immediate value at the front and spend an hour on each subject, a change of work taking place at each "smoko". In the morning we had our usual hours march, then did a little "Company Drill" for an hour and then bayonet fighting for the same time. After dinner we did "Extended order" work, had a lecture on the use & value of bombing in modern warfare & finished up with physical training & organised games.

Mch 6

"Bull-Ring" again.

Mch 7

The wind was so cold & so severe this morning that we could not drill in the usual way & so spent the day indoors. In the morning we cleared all the forms & tables from the "Dining Hall" & after having a lecture on Open Warfare

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