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It is too warm to wear our greatcoats now & so we roll those like a life-buoy & tie them round the pack. In our pockets we carry a supply of writing material, bible & Daily light, pencils, purse, diary, 1st field dressing, bottle of issue iodine & anything else that will go in. With the dry rations & bottle-full of water added, one is ready for the road, wardrobe & cupboard complete.

All being ready we set out for Amesbury Railway Station which is about 6 miles from Camp. The march there reminded me very much of the march from the Show-ground to the "Sueric" last year. All the boys & officers who were not going with us turned out to cheer us off and a good number of the boys came along with us part of the way, as did also the Rollestone Band. The Train left at 11 p.m. for a destination practically unknown to us.

April 25 "Anzac Day"

We were in the train till 5 this morning, and just as day was dawning

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