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Railways' "Queens" Hotel. After dinner we went with him & Gladys to the pictures. These were very good, but the best part of the entertainment was a suite of Selections by a fine Russian violinist. His performance was wonderful.
Our two friends then saw us to the Railway Platform, after having afternoon tea, & we caught the 4.50 train to London.

There were 6 other "swaddies" in the carriage with us, most of them being "Tommies", and as one of them was very soon quite drunk, we had a nice bright time. By 7.25 we arrived & Euston took the tube thence to Waterloo Station. Who should sit opposite us in the tube than our two London girls? We persuaded them to come to the station with us to see us off, and very nice too!!

Train to Amesbury occupied the time from 9 – 12 P.M. & after walking a mile or so towards our "home" from the latter, we

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