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conceivable manner; some were standing along the corridors, others were siting & others in bed, but there was scarcely one who did not wave & smile to us as the train passed along. They seem so bright that one is inclined to forget that many of them will be months in hospital & that others will never be able to fight again. What most disturbs the peace-of-mind of a great number of the wounded men is the fact that they are treated in French hospitals & do not get their trip to "Blightey".

May 4

"Bull-Ring" once more! A lecture on trench discipline & tactics, and a tour over the model trenches here filled in the morning's programme; Two dog biscuits & a drop of tea filled our own programmes at lunch hour; and a spell in the trenches from 4 to 9 o'clock completed the day's programme.

Our relations with the "Tommy" & "Jock" instructors is rather funny at times. Of course none of the boys care about being beaten in any way by

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