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May 1 "May-Day".

"Bull-Ring" again. In the morning we had a short musketry practice with instructors re "care of arms" etc. After lunch we were on fatique work and were armed with shovels (banjos) and occupied ourselves in cleaning out trenches & such like until 6 o'clock; we then marched the 3 miles home in about 45 minutes, much to the amusement of the "Tommies" whom we passed on the way.

To-day was rather dusty & as a result a light haze rested on the whole landscape, & the sun set amidst a curtain of blood-red clouds, something similar to that in Sierra Leone.

Les & I did a little writing by candlelight in our tent before turning in, a practice better in contemplation than in reality. With sixteen men & rifles & equipment in a bell-tent there is very little room left for such extras as writing desks. However, the bright company makes up for an

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