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suggested to early builders the idea of brilliantly coloured lead-lights. Thus have I seen the original of the Gothic design, and also one of the finest monuments of Gothic architectural culture; the former, a country grove; the latter, Salisbury Cathedral. One is strongly tempted to ask 'What is art?' or 'what ought art to be?' but the solution of such problems is hardly commensurable with the demands of war & so I must make my little bunk on the floor, get my equipment ready for tomorrows' parade and dream sweetly of a country far away. (I forgot, unlike Joseph & Daniel; I don't dream at all!).

April 16

In the morning all hands (& the cook) were called out & given a little preliminary practice in review marching for we were going to see the King next day. In the afternoon a number of Battalions from other camps close at hand joined

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