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we did an hour's Physical Training. In the afternoon I was detailed for guard & at 2 P.M. had to fall in for instructions on guard-work. At 3.30 the bugle call for "fall out guard" was blown & headed by the band ,with fixed bayonets we marched to our post in full ceremonial fashion, the guard was changed.

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My post was at the door of the detention room & my duty to see that none of the inmates escaped. As penalty for losing a prisoner, a guard has to go into the cell himself & serve the time in place of the "bird" who escaped. The guard is armed with a short, bare bayonet which he is instructed to use if at all necessary. Whilst on guard we can't go to sleep on account of the smallness & dirtiness of the guard-room. However we can partly drown our sorrows in tea for we get two good supplies of

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