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being docked for it, but as yet, such delicacies must only be dreamed of by poor privates.

March 11

Church Parade on the open air this morning was disturbed by the rain & the service had to be much curtailed as a consequence.

After dinner Ptes. Lloyd, Piggott & McRae J.D. went to Shrewton for an early tea & then walked to the Orcheston Church for evening service. The service was beautifully simple & we thoroughly enjoyed it, as did we also the 3 miles walk back.

When we arrived back at our hut we were deeply grieved at finding four of our hutmates dead-drunk, and another one "on the road". Two of them were in an awful state, the other two were noisy & merry. At about 10 o'clock the fifth man turned up, as drunk as could be & coated from head to foot with mud & wearing someone

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