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else's hat. "Bluey" Cavanagh, such is his name – is a fine little chap in his own rough way & I like him very much. He must be about 30 yrs of age & was a "navvy" on the N.S.W. Railways. Although his manner is what might be expected under the circumstances, his heart is good, & his feelings are extremely sensitive. Sad to say "Bluey" has been rather drunk the last three nights & on Friday night he got into trouble with someone & came home with a long cut on his cheek & three of this teeth knocked out & as a result looks rather battered in appearance. However, while such "rough diamonds" can be found, I will have faith in human nature to the uttermost.

March 12

With a party of 40 men I was detailed as one of a "firing-party" at an officers funeral which was to take place next day. We were drilled in slow-marching

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