Item 04: Walter Bruce Rainsford diary, 3 January 1917-31 December 1917 - Page 13

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Mond. 26th March, 1917
On Saturday night a daylight saving Bill came into force & at midnight all clocks & watches throughout France were put forward one hour. Our reveille goes at 5.45 – pretty rotten getting up so early. The evenings will be much longer now and a considerable saving of coal & lighting should be effected throughout the country as the result of the change.

The number pf patients for the last few days in Hospital has not exceeded 200. Batches are evacuated daily to be transferred by Hospital ship to England.

Wed. 4th April 1917
Sunday was the anniversary of our arrival in France. Twelve months have passed since our Unit arrived at Marseilles and the time has passed wonderfully quickly notwithstanding the severe winter now slowly drawing to a close. To celebrate "the day" a general bust-up was held down in the village & the Sergeants had a bit of a spread and a concert last night.

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