Item 04: Walter Bruce Rainsford diary, 3 January 1917-31 December 1917 - Page 69

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Cloth Hall adjoining. During the morning several Fritz shells came over pretty close to us (N.B. Prompt retirement to dugouts), killing and wounding several. There is not a civilian left in Ypres – all have been cleared out.

About 5 pm we set out in single file for the A.D.S. to the tune of the roar of big guns. We traversed the deserted streets and continued along a dusty road alive with military traffic. About two kilometres from our starting point we arrived at our destination – the A.D.S. which consisted of several more or less sandbagged dugouts & shelters on the side of the road. The sound of the guns was deafening – a big naval gun not more than 50 yards from the side of the road being the chief offender.

The Dressing Station was surrounded by batteries – gone are the old Red Cross protection days. B Sect went on night duty and I have been busy recording particulars of smashed & battered victims of Boche artillery fire, carried in on stretchers – A welcome respite at 1.30 am is enabling me to scribble a few lines for my diary. So far 75 patients have passed through since the Ambulance took men during the morning. Most of them are

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