Item 04: Walter Bruce Rainsford diary, 3 January 1917-31 December 1917 - Page 67

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journeyed on until Reninghelst [Reningelst] was reached about dark at 8 pm. During the latter part of our journey we got bushed but pulling up beside some Belgian workmen I discovered one who spoke a little French and he put us on the right track. So far I don't know one word of Flemish but will have to make an early start and learn some as soon as I can get a bit of spare time. The Belgian people are so fair that when I saw them clattering about in wooden shoes and looked up at the whirling windmills on Mont des Cats I could almost imagine myself in Holland.

Sunday, 23rd Sept. 1917:-

A, B and C Section bearers returned after a day & a half in the line. B Section lost 7 killed && 3 wounded out of 32 while A & C had no casualties at all.

On the 22nd we were busy all day. During the morning & early afternoon all patients including a few gassed and wounded remaining from previous day plus admission same day were evacuated to 5 Div Rest Stn. & C.C.Ss. About 4.30 pm orders were received to move off in an hour and a half's time to go into the line. Eventually got away

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