Item 04: Walter Bruce Rainsford diary, 3 January 1917-31 December 1917 - Page 57

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drawn up in review order looks pretty well.

Foodstuff seem to be pretty dear in that part of France occupied by the Germans, judging from the following prices that were prevailing last month in the Lille-Tourcoing-Roubaix district. Bread 3 fr. 50, flour 6 to 8 frs. (12 frs at Lille); wheat 7 fr 50; rice 10 frs, potatoes 4 frs 50; meat not obtainable (last sold at 20 frs.). sugar 16 fr 50. All these prices are per kilo (equals 2 1/5 lbs).

Sat. 1st Sept. 1917:-

A tremendous storm raged over the north of France on Tuesday & Wednesday and it is still wet and windy to-day. A lot of damage has been done to property, crops & fruit trees, especially in the Channel coastal towns. The best part of the old fort about 300 yards out from Wimereux plage, was demolished and a three-masted English sailing ship drifted on the same beach and became a total wreck. We, of course, are out in the country where less damages has been done, but there is no doubt that the fruit and cereal

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