Item 03: John Duncan McRae diary, 10 February-6 May 1917 - Page 38

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of the Village of Stapleford stamped upon my heart.

By now I was about six miles from Camp & once again took to the road & two miles further on, at Wishford Village, picked up another wayside wanderer from another A.I.F. Camp, who also came from Newtown, and with him I journeyed towards Salisbury City.

However we had to pass through the town of Wilton ere reaching our destination & so had to tack across country in order to dodge the M.P.'s for we were by then "out of bounds" without a pass. The sally was successfully negotiated & by 6.30 we arrived at Salisbury & proceeded to the Soldier's "Guest House" & had tea in a room known as "Tipperary Room". At 7 o'clock we went to the Cathedral Service & stayed to hear the grand organ play its

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