Item 03: John Duncan McRae diary, 10 February-6 May 1917 - Page 95

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of the heaven above, the unspoken message of the young, upward-bound crops whispered joy & peace amidst a world at arms: the daises & violets and buttercups at my feet were as suggestive in their inaudible way as are the twinkling stars on a summers' night. I am afraid that one's feelings become inarticulate at this point; natures' spell must be felt & known, it must be experienced & realised, before it can be understood & enjoyed, but when once that has been done, the spell can never be entirely obliterated.

About two miles from Camp I came upon a rather unusual sight; on the one side of the road a round tower reared its ancient strength amidst the green trees, and in its outstanding bareness, and with its formidable appearance, greatly aroused my curiosity. It was evidently a remnant of Feudal times in France.

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