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was stranded in Matavai Bay in a very heavy Gale of Wind - x The Porpoise  is getting so Old, that I shall be obliged to send her home after she returns to Van Diemans Land  I shall send another Garden by her - I have writen to Lord Hobart and the Admty to have her replaced by another Ship of 400 Tons - as she is unequal to carry Cattle - 

The [indecipherable] & [indecipherable], goes on very well a Ship of Enderbys' & one of Champions are now going with the Glatton; [indecipherable] of the former -

We are very much in want of a Breed of Shepherd's Dog to watch our increasing Flocks of Sheep, if such a thing could be procured,it would be of a great utility to this Colony -

We are now making a great progress in raising Feed & plenty cut Clover, Burnett, Lucerne, & Tre-foil; all of which do surprizingly well, & of the two former, we have great abundance.  & in plenty 20 Acres for Government Sheep &c which will be a great resource, when the Grass is burnt off, by the Natives, which is some times the case throughout the Colony

x  From every Report I hear I am apprehensive the Missionaries are neither safe nor will they do much in converting the Inhabitants of that Island -  Otaheite

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