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send an Establishment there by the Porpoise; this order you will observe was a [blind?] - & as such was to be communicated to Monsr Baudin - as my only object was to make him acquainted with the reports I had heard - and to convince him & his Masters, that the Kings Claim would not be so easily given up - The midshipman in the Cumberland had other private orders not to go to Storm Bay Passage, but to follow the French ships as far as King's Island - and that he was to make the pretext of an Easterly wind forcing him into the Straits, & as he was [enjoined?] to survey King's Island, & Port Phillip, that service he should perform before he went to, Storm Bay Passage This had the desired effect, he overtook the Geographe & Naturaliste at King's Island; the day the Naturaliste parted company with the Geographe on the former return to France - & as an officer of the Colony was going passenger in her. The mid.[shipman] was instructed to give him privately a packet for the Admiralty & Lord Hobart in which I believe was one for you - These letters contained the particulars - The mid. was received by Monsr Baudin with much kindness, in the latters answer to me he felt himself rather hurt at the Idea, "that had such an Intention on his part existed, that he should conceal it " &c  However he put it on the most amicable footing, altho the Mid. planted his Majesty's Colours close to their Tents, & kept them flying during the time

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