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I received no account of the Value of the Fleeces I sent by the Buffalo until Your last by Glatton - You will see that it is published in our Weekly paper - The Sheep  increase & thrive exceeding well, they also improve greatly in their wool, as yet we have got nothing better than a Blanketts of which we make a great deal. Unfortunately it is individuals who posses the Spanish Rams - & I believe they do keep the breed as pure as possible - I have got some half & fourth Bred Rams in Government Flocks which will & does make a great change in the Fleece but as they are distributed among the Settlers it will be more equally refunded [?]. But the quantity of wool, will not be very great, until the capacity of the Individual [indecipherable] can be [indecipherable] by the increase of our Cattle - which thrive & increase wonderfully [?]. When I allude [?] to the capacity of the Individual, I mean their selling all the breeders before they have attained a proper age, which consequently reduces the produce of the wool - More cattle can be killed [indecipherable] & opened [?] to those supported from the stores, such as the officers, then mutton will fall in price, & wool increase. By the enclosed List you will see the Quantity of Stock we now posses - and no country can equal the fine state of all the [indecipherable] Cattle, & improving Quality of the Sheep perhaps no country in the World

[in margin]  sheep

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