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Of his voyage thus far, I send home his Charts to the Admiralty which he left in my charge; not having had a better opportunity as indeed any ere, that I could any ways call safe, till now - Whilst the Investigator lay here, Flinders used much dispatch in refitting; his Scientific Gentlemen were busily employed in their several pursuits, Mr Brown & Bauer & visited the confluence of the Grose, Nepean, & Hawkesbury & were indefatigable, They left Two Boxes of Plants which they had collected & on the South Coast which are now in the Government Garden at Parramatta & doing extremely well - They also left several Boxes (which I got made further) of dried Plants & from the South Coast, but  which now occupy a dry room in the Govt House at Parramatta, as being the safest & dryest place, but with the strictest injunction from Mr Brown, that not one of them was to be sent home until some accounts was heard of the Investigator, or that she returned here [margin note] : Mr Brown [indecipherable] - Should any accident have happened to the Ship I shall still be at a loss who to send them to, as they are not directed, nor is any Instruction left - You will also have learnt by my letter sent with the Naturaliste, dated in Nov.r last, that the Investigator sailed in July, with the Lady Nelson, Flinders intention was to pass thro the Labyrinth, Endeavour Straits, examine the Gulf of Carpentaria, & if after completing this business, he saw enough of the SE Passage to get

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