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is better calculated for raising these species of Stock, nor is there less Disease than among the Cattle we have.

You will observe that the crown now possesses near 1800 head of Tame Cattle, whose increase will be very great in the course of Three years for which term, the bounty [?] of Government & the liberal fore thought of Sir Roger Curtis, has provided us with a full Ration of Salt Meat for our present Numbers. Some cows & oxen are occasionally sold to Industrious Settlers, under great restrictions of not parting with them again to the Monopolizing, Grazing, [indecipherable] Gentlemen. The price is £ 30 which is paid in wheat into the Stores for the public use - others are  given as provisions, which you will see in the Enclosed Notice, but all this takes only a small proportion of the increase, & as Government will for some years, have the onus of providing for many, I have adopted  a Plan for securing the breed of our Cattle, & maintaining those by allotting & securing certain Tracks of ground for the use of Government, which I have secured by deeds: much to the annoyance of some of our titled mushrooms. Without that precaution most of our Govt cattle must in the course of a Short time be turned among the wild cattle. On these allotments some very substantial inclosures are made, & stock houses built, which will want no repair for some years to come.

Of the wild cattle, I am sorry nothing very conclusive has yet been done. Offers have been made by several to attempt housing them in, many of

[in margin] wild cattle

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