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I have sent similar lists to Lord Hobart, & pointed out the advantage that would attend these things being sent out & were Fleming to be added to the list as Superintendent the Colony would greatly benefit by his exertions abilities - If he is encouraged - 

Respecting the plan of sending such Ships out as the Glatten:  I think it is a very good one, & contributes all to the heath [health?] & presentation of the unfortunates sent here;  It must be a wonderful [thing] in point of experience, to what sending sending them in Transports would be & has been; joined to which, the sending back Timber for Ship building, must greatly reduce the Expence of the Wages, Wear & Tear of the Ship -  There is also another great advantage attending this mode of transporting these people which is, That from the order they are necessarily kept in during so long a voyage, they are so much more tractable than when they are landed from Merchant Ships - I include my Answers & observations on the produce recommended by Lord Hobart, but had I received Instructions to prepare Wood Six Months before the Glatten arrived, a Cargo would have been ready for her, but it was not till her arrival that I heard any thing about it, & as Capt Colnet had his reasons why the Ship might

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