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their schemes were so eccentric, & wild, that no attention could be paid to them. Fencing a space in where they resort to drink, appeared at one time feasible, but while the Fence was making, the Cattle would [indecipherable] other resorts. People have lived on the places they frequent, & tried to muster herds of them to be driven, this has failed, for when any attempts of that kind has been made, the Drivers were glad to get out of their way; but, at all other times, when unmolested they showed no fear or mischief to the men. Lately an attempt was made to run them down by a certain number of horses, & men, but the instant they found themselves surrounded, they made off with the swiftness of deer, & mounting Rocks that their Biped pursuers were after obliged to relinquish the pursuit; one cow was taken by these means, & a young calf; but the mother died a few hours after, evidently for the Fat state she was in, & by being suffocated in the Chase, in all these schemes a herd of Tame Cattle, without Bulls, has always been introduced at first, but without any good effect. A house is built on the other side of the Nepean & it is my intention to send people out to [indecipherale] the [indecipherable] & [indecipherable] Bulls, & sell them during the Winter Months


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