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wish him to go there for the purpose of collecting - as he does not think he has near gleaned [?] the  [indecipherable] here - I have [indecipherable] respecting the V. Dieman Settlement to My Lord Hobart & the Admiralty, which I trust will be approved of for various Reasons, of a Political, as well as of a beneficial Nature.

I do not blame Lieut' Grant so much for the villainous transaction respecting the loss of my despatches,  as I deprecate the infamy of those who had pre-cognisance the plan before the vessell he went in left the Colony;  it was told me that such an event would happen, & the masters conduct prior to his leaving this, fully justified the report - I would not suffer the vessell to leave the Port before a Bond of £500 was given that neither Lieut Grant, or the Despatches should be molested, under these circumstances and Lieut Grant's knowledge of the Master, he ought to have been more guarded, as I gave every positive direction that the Vessell should be seen a certain way to Sea, & the Box was not given from my possession, before the Vessell was under weigh - However the plan was too well laid & bound with ill [indecipherable] to fail - Let the Villain enjoy the success of his infamy - as to any publication of Mr Grant's I believe nothing original or New can come from his pen, without this and of auxiliary fiction

[in margin] Theft of despatches

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