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up [?] after you have done with it, & sent to Mr Samuel Enderby for me. I have not had time to decipher & read it, but am satisfied from what Mr Barralier has done, & seen; that passing these Barriers, if at all practicable is of no great moment to attempt any further at present: as it is now well ascertained; that the cattle have not, men cannot, make any progress to the Westward. Unless they find a passage to the Northward or Southward of those extensive & stupendous Barriers. I intend sending Mr Barralier to Port Jervis very soon to penetrate into the Interior  - from thence --  If Col. Paterson is not advised to prevent it. --  The stones & other objects collected by that Gentleman in his former journeys have been regularly sent you & those in his last long journey I forward to you by the Glatton.
Respecting the Survey of Kings Island, & Port Phillip. I am sorry to say from the authority of the surveyor, a kind of Mineralegist; & a very good man a gardner; that neither by any means answers my hopes. Their situations are very good in every other respect, than being advantageous for Cultivating; which some years hence, may not be so material an object, as it is at present.

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