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As you will be able to gain every information respecting these places by a very intelligent, & I may add sensible Man:  I shall not trouble you with a more minute description of them, no more  than reminding you of the advantageous situation of Port Phillip, & Kings Island, for the fishing of the Sea Elephant, which abounds there, had purchased great numbers of Skins & much oyl  has been imported here by Individuals  The Man I allude to above, is named James Fleming, he was one of the Unfortunates, who came in the Royal Admiral in 1800, soon after I took Command & was pointed out by the Captain of the Ship, & some letters he brought, as a very clever Gardner, & a good man - I took him into the Government Garden at Parramatta where he was soon found to be (in our poor opinions here) not only a good Gardner, but a Scientific Observer, such an acquisition was a Treasure; I need not say I found it necessary to do all I could to encourage & protect him -  His assistance was general throughout  the Colony, in directing the few of these, who were industrious, in planting & disposing of their Fruit trees & other Horticultural as well agricultural Efforts -  In fact he has done much real good, without a shadow of vice, or moments [?] impropriety, since he has been here  -  On this Man I fixed to accompany our little Voyage of discovery - And in his account I most depended, as he acquitted himself very much to my satisfaction & I hope will to yours, if you honor him with that Notice which you constantly extend to every deserving Man - I promised I would do something for him when an opportunity offered -  For these Two Years past I have had the Boxes, this came in the Porpoise Garden

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