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not to be detained for a full cargo, she goes home with as much as we have been able to get, & I do not think we shall be thought Idle in sending so much as we have done, in so short a time - I send you a list of the quantities we have sent- Twenty Cask of the Blue Gum Bark is also sent, & if it is [indecipherable] object the greatest quantity may be sent with very little trouble: In one of the Casks, are specimens of the leather we have tanned with it - The Instant the Glatton is gone, I shall proceed [indecipherable] system in preparing a load of Timber for the next Ship, which I am to expect about June - A wood lately discovered is sent, it appears sufficiently hard for the purpose to which Lignum vitae is applied, & is besides a dye, And a specimen of linen dyed with it I send- but the Colour is certainly not so good as the [indecipherable] of which I sent you lately a sample - I have also sent a quantity of our Beef Wood, or She Oak to Sir E Nepean - Sir  C Hammond Mr King - Mr Sullivan in New Hobart - and Two logs for you marked J.B. N1 & 2 . which if not acceptable to yourself, or lodged kept in the Custom house, I hope you will take the will for the deed - If you wish more for yourself or any of your Friends I shall be proud to receive your future Commands on this as well as on all other Woods - whilst I cannot list

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