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Sydney May 9th 1803 -

Dear Sir

Yours by the Glatton dated August last, I received 11th March, and am very happy that any thing which I could scrape together, should any ways be acceptable to you, but I must repeat my fear that you found much rubbish, & ill judged articles: but you know I have no pretensions to the requisites for a Collector, at least a judicious one, therefore as they have come to my hands I have forwarded them and shall continue to do so

The Box containing the Three Books on the Culture of the Vine, & Tobacco, & a blow pipe for Cayley I received; as no directions came respecting the latter, I kept it until a claim of Cayley's for a Box that came by the Glatton was unriddled [?], by his showing me the paragraph of your letter, wherein you say "the blow pipe was contained in a Box to my addres", he got it - I will endeavour to get the Native Tobacco cultivated & in due time, send some of it, but its Seed as well as that of most Shrubs, is very difficult to be got as they shed so very fast & so soon after they attain any  Ripnes-
The Cask of  Carob' Seeds I received very safe & have planted a great quantity of them, we already posses the American harvest, but from the account of the Carob which the Abbe Correa [Correia da Serra] gave me, I am hopeful it will hereafter be a great advantage to the Colony. Your directions respecting it shall be put in practice & in due time published in our Gazette -

Suter [Suttor] called on me with your letter &

[in margin] Per Glatton-

Oct 8.

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