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at all Instructed to touch here which I do not think he intended, if not obliged by Distres - With all this opennes [?] on his part, I could only have general Ideas on the Nature of their visit to Van-diemens' Land I communicated it to Monr Baudin, who opined me that he knew of no idea that the French had of settling on any part or side [?] of this Continent:  they had not been gone more than a few hours, when a general report was circulated that it had been the Conversation of the French officers, that Monr Baudin had orders to fix on a place for a Settlement at Van diemens land, & at the French on receiving his accounts, were to make an Establishment at "Baie du Nord" which you will observe in D'entre casteux charts  - in what we call "Storm Bay Passage" - & the French Canal D'entre casteaux - It seemed one of the French officers had given Coll Paterson a chart & described the Intended Spot - I required the Cols Information [?], who give it - Without loosing an instant a Colonial Vessell was immediately equipped, & provided with as many Scientific people as I could put into her & dispatch after Monr Baudin - The Instructions I gave the Midshipman who commanded her, was to Examine Storm Bay Passage, & leave his Majesty's colour flying there with [indecipherable] & that it was my intention to

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