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require as the wise step Government adopted respecting sending these ships out, Yet there is one inconvenience that I do not think the Admiralty has considered, and that is the disadvantage of sending Officers in the Command of them that are Senior to me, which brings in much inconvenience to the public Service in this Colony, And altho I shall relate the Circumstance to you as I have done it Officially, to Lord Hobart, and to the Admiralty, yet I know it will be rather a delicate intrusion  If their Lordships do not see the necessity of it, for any other person to point it out -  When first Admiral Phillip came out, he had his rank as post Captain, and Hunter was also a post Captain under him, which gave Phillip the power of Commanding all Post Captains, junior to him who might arrive here:  When Hunter was named Governor he came out with the Rank of Commander only, consequently altho' he was an [indecipherable] post Captain, yet every person junior to him on the Post list, could command his Ship or rather give him orders, in everything thing that regarded the Kings Service, relating to Kings Ships - During the time Governor Phillip & Hunter were here, the latter arrangement was of no consequence, as Kings

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