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and Suttor seemed so very anxious to touch the Five pounds, that I gave it to him, I dare say he has turned it to a very proper use, & that it came very acceptably to him - His Store House is finished, but he has lately been much affected with a severe & dangerous dysentery; which has left him some Months ago, & is now doing very well, but & it will be a long time, before he will be able to go about & the terms [?] of Settlers will by no means accord with his exertions - However while power remains in my hands, he shall not want - His wife conducts herself very well -

I have told Cayley of your increasing his Cayley Stipend to a guinea a week, instead of 15/ which I believe he is thankful for - and in his way, I now believe he is very Zealous & desirous to do all he can to do you justice - he is of course Victualled from the Stores & has Two convicts allowed him, viewing his pursuits I consider it of a Public Utility, altho I have had much dark censure from some of our [indecipherable] Scoundrels, but of that I take very little notice, as their attacks are equally anonymous & contemptible - The things by the Alexander he received very safe -

You give me joy of the better state of the Colony, and of the Credit I have obtained by bringing it into its present condition - The approbation of Two, or even One honest & honourable Man, like your self, will at all times fully compensate me for the anxiety, trouble,

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