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such as a detachment of Marines, or from any other Corps - but a radical change is absolutely necessary to the well being of this Colony -

After what I have said, I would not have you imagine that any Commotion has existed here, on the Contrary everything, I find, has been extremely quiet, obedient & Industrious except the Officers of the Corps who for want of more important Employment, have studied mischief which has been of such a dark nature as to merit only Contempt, if there was a possibility of my not being obliged to notice it in the manner I have been compelled to -  *

I hope my letters by the French Ship Naturaliste have not been so unfortunate as those by Lieut Grant - By these letters you will have learnt Flinder's arrival here in Feby & sailing again in July 1802.  On his Voyage out he made Leeuwins Land, went into K George Third harbour - Examined  the labyrinth of D'entre Casteaux Archipelago;  discovered Two very deep gulphs in about 123º E.t (I [shirk from fires as I write this at parramatta) & then thro  Basses Straits after going into Port Phillip which he thought a new discovery - he examined the East side of Kings' Island & with some blesing, he past the remainder  of the Strait


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