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come in with us; They are busy around there digging tunnels in anticipation of a bombardment when the German guns get through to Turkey. The Tunnels are to be lighted with electric lights. The  £2.0.0 worth of vegetables arrived from Imbros this morning. we got mandarines cabbages & some potatoes as our share, we have cabbage for sale tomorrow; Last night we received an order not to fire any rifles, bombs or any other explosives for 48 hours as the Turks believe we are about to evacuate & we want them to think so to induce them to attack they will find we have not evacuated yet if they do come & today the Turks have had the firing all to themselves & tonight is the quietest I have heard; A Turkish machine gun seems to be a bit merry as it opens out now & then & an occasional rifle shot from the Turks side is all that breaks the silence

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