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said to his mate who was alongside of him I say Charlie the ---- have lent me one; & went on smoking his cigarette as though he had only laid down for a spell; & was still smoking away at the cigarette, when he arrived at the dressing station a few seconds later on a stretcher, & he appeared the least concerned man in the Regt; I have noticed the same thing with every man practically since we landed; & men who have known they were mortally wounded & could not possibly live more than an hour or two have always shown the same courage & seem to take it as all in the days work & are quite contented: It was a fine shot that got MacGhee (over 800 yards) Casulaties have been so slight since we have been here at GW No 1 Outpost that it is a surprise now to hear of one of our lads being hit; at Pope's Hill they were of daily occurrence; Charlie Burke went away sick to-day

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