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Mon 13th
At 4 oclock this morning rain began to fall & we got quite a sharp shower & as our bivy was not made for a wet weather Campaign, our blankets got wet, & at 6 oclock it looked as though it was going to rain for a week, but the clouds cleared away by 10 oclock. Smithers & I went to the beach for water & had a dip while we were there & the water was like ice; Stan was also in swimming on his way to Anzac to have his tooth filled; The sun came out very hot about dinner time & I put in an hour or so building a rain proof shelter & I now think we can afford to treat any rain we are likely to get with contempt: The Canteen rations were served out to-day but they did not amount to much, one tin of Cocoa-milk, a bottle of vinegar, one tin of sardines, 1 tin of Herrings & 3 tins of Ham & tongue was about the total we received. Stil heavy firing to the South.

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