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Sat 18th
At midnight last night that stack of old clothing & equipment at the Ordnance was set fire to & the conflagration lit up all the hills; At 9 oclock this morning we were lined up & addressed by the Col who said he had received a message from General Godley who had given the 1st L.H. the honor of being the last troops of the 1st Aus. & New Zealand Division to leave the Peninsula,& he knew that if we should have to fight our way out we would fight as stubbornly as we have done all along; & there is no doubt we will as there will be nothing else for it but to fight; Tonight 3 Officers & 30 other ranks are to go away tonight; the remainder leave tomorrow night; Nelson, Traill ,Leask & Tomlinson have been told off to work the phone for the final; Traill has to go to Destroyer Hill; Leask to Camel Hump, Tomlinson to FH at top of this

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