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break in the line, going, I was halted about every 10 yds by sentries, but the word linesman asted as well as a pass word as they knew I was out; The night was dark & I had some queer experiences; The line crossed the firing line trench in several places & at times I was out in front of the firing line & sometimes behind it & one place I went to drop into the trench to cross over, & thought the trench was about 4ft deep, but
I happened to be looking a few feet higher up than where I dropped in with the result that I had about 6 ft to drop & my foot just grazed the step & I went sliding down the steps but got off with nothing more than a shaking up, a few minutes after this a bullet hit right under my foot, 3 inches higher and it would have been worth a holiday to me; after this I was out of our own lines & was covering the ground held by the 26th

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