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Tue 14th
Was on duty from 2 oclock till 6 this morning; One of the sentries of the D Sqd. apparently had a touch of nerves last night as he reported that he could see Turks advancing & seemed very excited over it, but as nobody else could see them we came to the conclusion that he only fancied he saw them;The Regt received orders today to burn anything we have, & do not intend to take with us; apparently every all the troops have received the same orders as dense columns of smoke can be seen all along the line today men are busy on the beach today breaking up all old rifles & bayonets & throwing them into the sea, also saturating the heaps of old overcoats & clothing & any stores that are left behind with petrol apparently to set fire to as we are leaving; Everything very quiet. Bet the Adj.  £ 1.0.0 that we would leave before midnight "Mon"

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