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Wed 22nd

Nelson and I went over the hill & down to the bottom of the gully in the new saps just dug to put out another 'Phone; The 'phone is an old Mark 2 & perfectly useless, we tried to get another from B.H.Q. but was told they had no others & we would have to make it do; so we took it out & connected it up & put in half an hour trying to buzz someone up, the buzzer went bung on us & we could make no one hear by talking, so we decided to take it back as it was worse than useless in such an important post: Just as we had disconnected the 'phone the General (Godley) came along with the Signalling Officer; Godley said Good-day boys how is it going! Nelson said it won't go at all Sir; & then complained about the 'phone that we were given to put in the firing line; Godley agreed it was an important post & told the Sig. Officer to find a good 'phone for this place.

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