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morning & after that we could neither buzz or speak & could not send in the hourly reports, so I brought the phone back with us as we came off duty & handed it back at the 'phone room here; This I told the Adj & the Colonel was also there, & said they would do what they could for us; I then complained against sapping in the day time & being on duty on the 'phone every night & asked for a sapping party to do the work; The Adj apologised for putting us on the day before & said they were short of men & had no one to put on; (I did not tell him what I thought as I probably would have been arrested for calling him a liar) however I saw the Regt S. Major & told him the Adj said I could get a sapping party to do the job the RSM. asked me who I wanted I said Hobson & his mate, as I considered them the two best workers in the Regt. so I was told to take them; & at 9 oclock this

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