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that they will bustle if they think it is only a false alarm to amuse the Colonel, they do their work freely & willingly, but they object to being messed about disturbing their rest for nothing; I had a mess-tin of rice for breakfast in bed this morn & then slept till 10.30, & was awakened by the roar of guns; 3 Cruisers & several Monitors standing out off Anzac were all at it as hard as they could go, at time the boats could not be seen for smoke & flame, & the ground here was shaking with vibration; I thought by the sound of the shells exploding that they were falling at the Narrows but on ringing up Walkers Ridge to find out, we received a message to say they believed the shells were falling in the Olive Groves & main road; An aeroplane has been up all the morning apparently directing the fire

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